Our four-year curriculum prepares students for practice as Registered Nurses within an increasingly complex health-care environment. Please see below the sequencing of courses for the BScN (Collaborative) Program.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Collaborative) Program

Sequencing of Courses

Year 1 Fall/Winter courses


NURS1002 – Anatomy and Physiology I (Lab)
NURS1003 – Developing Therapeutic Relationships (Lab)
NURS1004 – Nursing Foundations
NURS1017 – Fundamental Psychomotor Competencies (Lab)
English (Critical Reading/Writing Course)
BIOC1430 – Biochemistry


NURS1012 – Anatomy and Physiology II  (Lab)
NURS1014 – Health Assessment (Lab)
NURS1015 – Health Promotion
NURS1016 – Caring for the Older Adult: Theory
NURS1520 – Caring for the Older Adult: Practice (96 hrs)

Year 2 Fall/Winter courses


NURS2003 – Pathophysiology (Tutorial)
NURS2004 – Pharmacology (Lab)
NURS2015 – Health Alterations I: Theory
NURS2515 – Health Alterations I: Practice (96 hrs + lab)
PSYC1000 – Psychology


NURS2002 – Caring for the Childbearing Family : Theory
NURS2502 – Caring for the Childbearing Family: Practice (48 hrs + lab)
English (Critical Reading/Writing Course)
BIO3053 – Biology
Statistics 1510 or 2500 or equivalent, or Education 2900
NURS2520 – Extended Practice (96 hours over 3 weeks at end of semester)

Year 3 Fall/Winter/Spring courses


NURS3000 – Community Health: Theory (seminar)
NURS3500 – Community Health: Practice (96 hrs)
NURS3001 – Mental Health: Theory
NURS3501 – Mental Health: Practice (96 hrs)
NURS3104 – Nursing Research


NURS3015 – Health Alterations II: Theory
NURS3515 – Health Alterations II: Practice (120 hrs + lab)
NURS3113 – Professional Development I

3 credit hours Philosophy OR Religious Studies 2610
Sociology, Anthropology or Archeology


NURS3523 – Preceptorship (240 hrs)
NURS4512 – Community Health Practicum (240 hrs)

Year 4 Fall/Winter courses


NURS4100 – Advanced Concepts and Skills (Lab/Seminar)
NURS4103 – Professional Development II
NURS4512 – Community Health Practicum (240 hrs over 6 weeks)


NURS4516 – Consolidated Practicum (40 hours per week for 12 weeks)

Year 4 Spring

Award of Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree

NOTE: * An elective in the final year could be completed in the Spring or Fall – timing would allow for funding with at least 9 credit hours in that semester.

These courses will be offered during the same year at all sites, but the semester of course offering may vary with each site.

Students in the BScN (Collaborative) Program will do all nursing courses at the Centre’s Forest Road Campus. Non-nursing courses are completed at the St. John’s Campus of Memorial University. Schedules are planned to keep commuting time between the two campuses to a minimum.

Full course descriptions are located on Memorial University’s Calendar.



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Last updated: 2024-07-08