Advanced Foot Care Course

The Advanced Foot Care course for licensed practical nurses is delivered over a six-week period by distance education, using Memorial University Desire 2 Learn online system. The course consists of the online delivery of seven modules that include assigned readings, tutorial videos, review of pertinent procedures and documents and review exercises. Students are expected to view an online lecture provided by faculty from the Centre for Nursing Studies..

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At the end of the six weeks home study, there is a two-day on-site practical learning experience, including a short lecture component, one in-class laboratory and a one-day clinical experience. The on-site training is offered at the Centre for Nursing Studies.

Co-requisite: Routine Practices and Infection Control (IPAC Canada) Certificate.

The Routine Practices and Infection Control certificate is delivered through Georgian College. Students are expected to complete this online certificate by the end of week three of the Advanced Foot Care Course. Further information about this course can be found at Georgian College, Health and Wellness.

At week five, students write an online exam where a score of 75% is necessary to proceed to the lab and clinical experience. At week six, students can expect a lab and clinical appraisal.


Tuition fees for this program are $500.00 CAD, payable to the Centre for Nursing Studies upon acceptance. This fee registration fee includes the cost of the instruments that will be provided for the two (2) day on-site practical learning experience. The Routine Practices and Infection Control (IPAC Canada) Certificate has an approximate cost of $90.00 CAD, payable to Georgian College.

*Note: Payments by credit card are charged an extra processing fee of 2.50 per cent, in addition to the registration cost.

Cancellation policy: As outlined in the 2022-23 Continuing Nursing Studies Student Handbook(PDF)

Textbook: Hinkes, M. (2012). Healthy feet for people with diabetes. USA: HealthyFeet, LLC.


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Last updated: 2024-03-04