Admission Requirements – Practical Nursing

Academic Admission Requirements

Applicants who have followed the High School Curriculum of Newfoundland and Labrador

To be eligible for Academic admission, you will need to successfully receive an average of 50% or more in the following 3000 level high school courses, or equivalent:

Subject area Eligible Grade 12 courses
1. English English 3201
2. Mathematics One of:

  • Math 3200
  • Math 3201
3. Laboratory Science One of:

  • Biology 3201 and 2201, OR,
  • Chemistry 3202
4. Social Studies or Modern/Classical Language (MCL) One of:

  • 3000 level Geography/ History/ Religion/ French
  • Social Studies 3201,
  • Sciences Humaines 3231
  • French 3200/3201
  • World Religion 3201/3206
  • Enseignement Religieux 3131/3136;
  • Level III ABE
5. Elective Two credits in any subject area at the 3000 level

*For admission to the Practical Nursing Program (PNP) at the Centre for Nursing Studies for the upcoming 2024 academic year, it will not be mandatory for applicants who graduated high school in Newfoundland and Labrador 2021 or later to have Biology 2201 completed, in addition to Biology 3201. Therefore, prospective high school students applying to the PNP will not need to successfully complete Biology 2201 (or equivalent) to be considered for admission.*


Applicants in their final year of high school who will complete the graduation requirements for high school as set by the Department of Education and obtained an average of not less than 50% in 3000 level core courses as listed above may be conditionally accepted prior to the writing of final exams.

This conditional acceptance will be subject to verification that the applicant has obtained an average of not less than 50% in 3000 level core courses, when final examination results are released.

Applicants who have followed the High School Curriculum of other Provinces of Canada

Applicants from other provinces of Canada shall have successfully completed graduation requirements for high school as set by the home province and obtained a passing grade in 3000 level core courses.

Applicants who have followed the Adult Basic Education Program (ABE)

Applicants shall have completed the Level III Adult Basic Education Certificate (ABE) Academic Stream as set by the Department of Education.

Applicants for Mature Student Status

Mature student status is meant to allow individuals the opportunity to demonstrate academic potential if they have not fulfilled the admission criteria outlined previously.

A mature student is an applicant 19 years of age or older, has been away from full-time high school studies for at least two years, and can demonstrate potential for success through academic, professional or volunteer activities and other accomplishments. These candidates are expected to provide an official transcript of the highest level of education obtained.

*Meeting the mature student criteria will not guarantee admission to the Practical Nursing Program.

Note:  All applicants must follow the application process outlined in this guide and must supply all documentation described therein.


International Applicants

If you are applying with international education documents, including high school or post-secondary, an education credential assessment (such as Word Education Services [WES]) must be completed and submitted by the application deadline.

General Admission Requirements

English Language Requirement

Applicants must be competent in the English language.  A test of English language will be required for:

  • Applicants whose first language is not English.

Applicants who do not meet the criteria above but have educational courses completed in English should contact the CNS PN Program Registrar for further instruction regarding testing.

The tests with the acceptable scores are:

  1. IELTS (International English Language Testing System – Academic version).  Scores:  overall score of 7.0 with scores of 7.0 speaking, 7.5 listening, 6.5 reading and 7.0 writing.
  2. CELBAN (Canadian English Language Benchmark Assessment for Nurses).  Scores:  8 speaking, 10 listening, 8 reading and 7 writing.

The official results of test score must be submitted before a decision will be made on your application.

All cost associated with the English language requirements are the responsibility of the applicant.

Test scores are valid for two years from the testing date.


The Centre for Nursing Studies reserves the right to interview applicants in any of the admission categories.


An applicant may be recommended to write The Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) or other assessment type test or equivalent.

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Last updated: 2024-02-27