PLAR/Credit Transfer

Credit Recognition

The Centre for Nursing Studies recognizes that students may enter the program having acquired knowledge or competencies through work, experiential learning or formal education. These students may wish to seek Prior Learning Assessment and Credit Recognition (PLAR) related to their program of study.

Normally, students seeking credit recognition for the PN Program will have acknowledged their intent upon acceptance into the Program by contacting the program coordinator to initiate the process.

Transfer Credit

Students entering the PN Program who have completed nursing courses in another educational institution or program may be eligible for transfer credit for identified courses. In such cases the student identifies the CNS PN Program course or courses for which equivalency assessment is requested and subsequently provides course outline and transcript information from the educational institution. The course and transcript information provided will be assessed by faculty against the PN Program courses to determine equivalency. If the assessment identifies course equivalency a transfer credit will be awarded, thus exempting the students from the identified course.

Applications for transfer credit will be considered following acceptance into the PN Program at CNS. The application is available from the registrar and should be submitted within one week of program commencement to: Registrar, Non-Degree Programs, CNS. The cost of this assessment is $100.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Students entering the PN Program who wish to seek prior learning assessment recognition based on work, experiential learning, and/or formal education in a related field may be eligible to challenge a course or courses in the Program. Prior learning is assessed by faculty and/or nurse experts against the learning outcomes established for the course using methods such as challenge examinations, oral interview/exam, portfolio assessment, and/or performance evaluation (lab and/or clinical). If prior learning is recognized through the assessment process, a student could be given exemption from an identified course or components of a course (e.g. lab).

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Last updated: 2020-09-07